Lots of activity has been happening at Music Sparks including a new logo.

Here are some posts from the last couple months you may find informative:

  • Conscious Aging – This post explores several questions including  1) When someone is old; 2) What role does health have in aging; 3) Is growing old a negative event.
  • Using Music to Address Social Issues – I believe music can transform lives in many ways. Other people and research seems to leaning this same way.
  • Art to Inspire – January 31st was Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. Here are four ways you can inspire those around you.
  • Music for Creativity – Three types of music listening are highlighted to inspire creativity.
  • Catch the Caregiver Support Bug – Caregiving is a big issue and one most of us deal with at some point in life. Everyone needs to feel supported while caregiving. Learn more.

This and more is available at Music Sparks. Come share in the music (and ideas) to spark a better life. 


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