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This installment in the “Sandwich series” address the open-faced sandwich, a term coined by Carol Abaya as found on the Sandwich Generation® site. An open-faced sandwich is “anyone else involved in eldercare.” They are the people open to providing support to the ill person and/or the caregiver.  That can take in a lot of different people: family, friends, doctors, hospice employees, long-term care employees, volunteers, employees at senior centers and adult daycare centers…the list goes on and on. Some are experts, some are not.

This support network is the people who are there when:

  • the caregiver can’t be there
  • the caregiver needs a break
  • the care is outside the expertise of the caregiver
  • the older person needs a helping hand.

These people can use music to assist them in several ways. (Click here to read more)

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