Yes, I was caught by my daughter in the act of reading “Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition” by Michael Stelzner. For a business book it is an easy, comfortable read.  The book is divided into roughly five sections. Each chapter has an intro, detailed information and closes with a summary.

The first chapter is looks at marketing and introduces the main principle of the book. The second section provides a foundation of a new business system plan. (Guess what, SMART goals apply to business as well as therapy and education!) Given my current work on filing (see Wading through a Jungle of Junk) I liked the four ways to capture ideas. These I will use. Section three highlighted working with experts. Pleasantly, I am already doing some of this.

Currently I am half-way through section four which deal with creating content. As I am in the midst of putting together several blog series, this information is very timely for me. It is helpful to read Michael’s perspective on content. The editorial guide and calendar have many useful tips for me, though I know my posts will be of shorter content.

I plan to complete the book this week and announce details on how you can enter to receive the FREE copy of the book I will give away to a lucky person in the US.

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