I’ve sung most of my life. I sing most days. Sometimes I get asked why I am singing. Here are my January 2013 answers.


Singer (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)

  • I’m singing because you...are explore some Music Sparks posts for children. Specifically, last years Ode to the Tooth Fairy and Time Song for Children were some of the top read posts this month.
  • I’m singing because you…have been reading about music therapy advocacy and top ranked music therapy blogs. Sharing the word about music therapy makes me happy! The music therapy community has had an amazing amount of special shares this month.
  • I’m singing because you…have followed the journey of Cre-8-tiveSpark in a variety of posts. I’d love to hear your comments on which ideas most encouraged you – stepping forward, musical fun, kazoos,…
  • I’m singing because you…have allowed me to be a part of your life through reading the blogs and enrolling in Music Sparks groups offered at the Hays Recreation Commission and the Hays Public Library.
  • I’m singing because…such a variety of folks came to hear Dr. Cory Hills share percussive storytelling at the Hays Public Library.
  • I’m singing because…the Hays High Chamber Singers (of which our daughter is a member) did such a wonderful job on a recent concert trip. 
  • I’m singing because…I look forward with joy to what February 2013 has to offer all of us.

Share what has you singing in the comments below!

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