Hurdler (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)

We have cleared the hurdles of September!

Jeff jumped into the 2012-13 school year at Fort Hays State University. Lessons are scheduled. Classes are in full swing (including the grading). Marching band season is rolling. And, Jeff’s fanfare “Overdrive” was premiered. (We wish we could have been in Dallas to hear it.)

As for me, the first series of Music Sparks Sharing is almost completed. Music Sparks at Hays Public Library painted up a storm of almost 50 this month. The regular sessions in area senior living communities continue to generate lots of smiles.

On Music Sparks, there will be 10 new posts this month. There are 5 singalongs and conversations, a singable book, and 4 informational posts. And two newsletters of bright ideas for older adults, preschoolers and both together have been released. After struggling with my intergenerational book, I have set a timeline and am planning on a January 2013 release.

As you can see, we have been jumping! October’s calendar looks to keep us popping.

Keeping a tune glowing in your heart! – JoAnn


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