The International Society for Friendship & Goodwill has declared October 1-7  to be  Universal Children’s Week. Various countries and organizations observe this on various days throughout the fall. Generally the focus is on raising awareness to those millions of children around the world who calls are denied the basic necessities of a happy childhood and the education to develop their capacities.

I consider basics to be food, clothing, shelter, safety, care and love. Next I see education and play as key to developing. Play? Why play?

Children love to play. It is a great way for a child to learn about themselves and  their world. Play  helps a child develop social skills (how to interact with others). Part of the interacting is developing communication skillsPhysical development can be of gross motor (e.g. – crawling, jumping) and fine motor (manipulating small  objects). , A variety of cognitive skills are supported with play among them are counting and problem solving.  Exploration and creativity are also found in play.

Music can be a great arena for exploration and creativity. It can take on many shapes and forms. (Click here to find simple music things you can do with a child.)

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