Two amazing music therapist were in the running for a FREE copy of “Launch – How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition” by Michael Stelzner.  Faith Halverson-Ramos and Kat Fulton were neck & neck in the polls. Thank you to all those who voted. Before I tell you who is receiving this helpful book, I want to share a little more about these talented ladies.

Faith owns SoundsWell Music Therapy in the Longmont, CO area. Through individual and group setting, Faith provides including music psychotherapy, music for wellness, early childhood, and therapeutic vocal work.

Kat shares ideas Rhythm for Good. In addition, she provides music therapy serices in the San Diego, CA area through Sound Health Music. She serves clients in the medical, wellness, enrichment, and corporate settings.

And, the winner is…

Kat Fulton!

Here is are some more links to Kat’s information:

Rhythm For Good: All rhythmic goodness, all the time.

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The latest at Rhythm For Good: What Do Older Adults Really Want?

All the best to both of these lovely ladies. And, to you our readers, I invite you to share your thoughts on “Launch” in the comments.

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