My early childhood was spent living several states away from my grandparents. This limited our visits to a couple of times a year. A big goal for my parents was returning to Kansas so they could be closer to their parents. Meeting this goal allowed us to visit my grandparents many times a year. This also allowed me to see and to experience my parents serving as caregivers to their parents in a variety of ways.

For many years, I worked in long-term care facilities in Florida. There were snow birds (retirees who spent the winters in Florida to escape the snow) and a fairly transient population. Whether at work or within the community it was rare to see many grandparents (or great grandparents) regularly receiving visits from their grandchildren. And, I found many elementary aged children lived far away from their grandparents.

Sandwich pile

I now live in an area where extended families are the norm. I am blessed to live less than a three-hour drive from my father. Currently, two of my siblings live the same community as my father.  My father is active and healthy. Yet, I know their may come a time when he may require assistance.

At what point does one go from being between generations to being the Sandwich generation? (Click here to continue reading.)