Peanut butter and grasshopper sandwich with a ...As I shared in the post “Am I Sandwiched?” a traditional Sandwich Generation is:

“those sandwiched between aging parents who need care and/or help and their own children.”

There is a great variety in the ages of the generation carrying for parents and children. The Council on Contemporary Families found people with elder and child care responsibilities to be:

  • 55 percent between 28 and 42 years old.
  • 38 percent between 43 and 61 years old.
  • 7 percent younger than 28.

The children in these Sandwich Generation families are:

  • 30 percent are under 6 years old,
  • 32 percent are between 6 and 12 years old.
  • 39 percent are between 13 and 17 years old.

These caregivers are dealing with concerns including:

  • Sharing time between family/children and the older loved one.
  • finding time for self-care, personal health.
  • finding time for personal relationships, personal interests.
  • Feeling of inadequacy in meeting everyone’s needs as well as guilt over what unable to do/provide.
  • finding ways to nurture positive relationships between the children and the older adults.

There are positives to being in a sandwich situation including:

  • to spend more time with both generations,
  • to nurture relationships between generations,
  • to support social interaction of the older adult,
  • to inform a child’s view on aging.

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