Can anything good come from the KSU Marching Band controversy?

Can anything good come from the Kansas State University Marching Band controversy? I certainly hope so! In fairness you need to know: I’m a former marching band member. I’m a band director’s wife. My husband has directed marching bands at the high school and college level. I’m the mom of a current college marching band […]

Hurdles of September

We have cleared the hurdles of September! Jeff jumped into the 2012-13 school year at Fort Hays State University. Lessons are scheduled. Classes are in full swing (including the grading). Marching band season is rolling. And, Jeff’s fanfare “Overdrive” was premiered. (We wish we could have been in Dallas to hear it.) As for me, the […]

Premiere: Overdrive

“Overdrive” a brass and percussion fanfare will be premiered by The University of Texas–Arlington brass under the direction of Dr. Douglas Stotter on September 18, 2012 at the season opening of the Dallas Wind Symphony. This piece was composed by Dr. Jeff Jordan, my husband.  He describes this 1 minute 20 second piece as “having enough […]

Here’s what we’re reading…

Jeff and JoAnn are both reading a lot this year. Here are some posts that may provide you some ideas for materials to read: In What should I read? Jeff comments on Milt Allen’s new book: Music, Artistry and Education: A Journey Towards Musical Growth and Enlightenment. In Here’s what I’m reading this month JoAnn highlights […]

To arrange or not?

Should pieces for band and/or orchestra be significantly altered to make them accessible for young players? I have just returned from the state convention where this topic was raised again. For the record, I am not referring to transcriptions in which one either attempts to faithfully recreate the original in a new instrumentation (Finale to Shostakovich Five) […]

A July Fourth Playlist

Taking a cue from my wife, here are some suggestions for holiday listening in no particular order: John Williams: Liberty Fanfare–quintessential JW Charles Ives: Country Band March–if you don’t laugh at this . . . Morton Gould: Yankee Doodle–fun, imaginative and with a slight nod to Ives David Gillingham: Heroes Lost and Fallen–music which reminds […]

But it should be fun!

As we close out another school year, music educators are faced with keeping students interested who may have already “checked out” for the summer. In some cases, this seems to mean programming music of questionable quality, but justifying it with the “fun” defense. At the risk of sounding like a broken record (does anyone under […]