I’m singing because you… – A look at January 2013

I’ve sung most of my life. I sing most days. Sometimes I get asked why I am singing. Here are my January 2013 answers. I’m singing because you…are explore some Music Sparks posts for children. Specifically, last years Ode to the Tooth Fairy and Time Song for Children were some of the top read posts […]

Here’s what we’re reading…

Jeff and JoAnn are both reading a lot this year. Here are some posts that may provide you some ideas for materials to read: In What should I read? Jeff comments on Milt Allen’s new book: Music, Artistry and Education: A Journey Towards Musical Growth and Enlightenment. In Here’s what I’m reading this month JoAnn highlights […]

10 Steps To Giving Time

There are many people out buying gifts these day. People are wrapping gifts. People (at least children) are asking for gifts. Some people are saddened to have little expendable income for gifts. Why not give the gift of yourself and your time? Before you say you can’t wrap time and place it under the tree, […]

Opening up to the energy

“Performance is not about getting your act together but about opening up to the energy of the audience and the music. And letting it sing in your unique voice.” ~ The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life When I came upon this quote. I stopped. Literally stopped. Something resonated with me on many levels. […]


According to Your Dictionary the word “expectation” refers to “believing that something is going to happen or believing that something should be a certain way. (noun)”.  What a wonderful word to describe this time of year! There is a level of excitement, of wonder. Hope is creeping into our lives. We are in expectation of: a new year holiday presents […]

Stay home if you’re well!

We all know the importance of staying home when you are ill. November 30th is Stay Home When You’re Well Day. Before I have a world full of bosses sending angry responses because everyone is calling off work, let me make it clear – “I am not recommending  call in sick on November 30th and take a mental health […]

11-11 Moment

Yesterday,the social media and the news were filled with comments of how special and unique 11-11 was. Why don’t we view each day as special  & unique? What would happen if we treasured more of our days in the same way? What would happen if we treasured a minute of each day? I am currently listening to Victor Wooten‘s ” The Music Lesson” . Here […]

Wading into joy!

Over the last couple months, I have been wading through the junk. In my last post I showed the progress with my desk. Today’s post will show the progress in my storage area. Here’s what it looks like entering the area. Next to that I have moved the file cabinets and surrounded them with a […]

Pastoral Care Week

…Pastors (and spiritual leaders) come in all shapes, sizes, colors, denominations, ….or as found in this cartoon of various breeds. As the daughter of a retired pastor, I have had the privilege to  meet a variety of pastors and have experienced the dynamics of various congregations. What I have observed is some congregations are very […]

6 Keys to Living (with Music)

Life can be complicated for many people. It sometimes seems especially so for those whose livelihood is in the arts such as music educators and music therapists. You aren’t sure what to do, how to do it, when to change. You feel lost. While I can not answer these questions for you, I have identified […]