Can anything good come from the KSU Marching Band controversy?

Can anything good come from the Kansas State University Marching Band controversy? I certainly hope so! In fairness you need to know: I’m a former marching band member. I’m a band director’s wife. My husband has directed marching bands at the high school and college level. I’m the mom of a current college marching band […]

Launch Update

Yes, I was caught by my daughter in the act of reading “Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition” by Michael Stelzner. For a business book it is an easy, comfortable read.  The book is divided into roughly five sections. Each chapter has an intro, detailed information and closes with a summary. […]

My Blogtalk Experience

It was a true pleasure to be interviewed by Janice Harris, MT-BC this morning on her Blogtalk Radio -The Music Therapy Show. Janice did a great job making me feel at ease and preparing me for the program.  I shared a lot about my worked through Music Sparks here in Hays, KS. I spent a […]

Life Applications Of Slowness

This is the last of my posts reviewing “In Praise of Slowness“.  This final post will highlight some of the life applications from the book.  While the list itself is rather long, I have selected six areas to highlight – food, driving, cities, medical, children, and multitasking. Now that I am only presenting highlighted impressions […]